Networking trends are not only affecting the way we communicate at work and at school, they are also changing just about every aspect of the home.

The newest home trends include ‘smart home technology’. Smart home technology is technology that is integrated into every-day appliances allowing them to interconnect with other devices, making them more ‘smart’ or automated. For example, imagine being able to prepare a dish and place it in the oven for cooking prior to leaving the house for the day. Imagine if the oven was ‘aware’ of the dish it was cooking and was connected to your ‘calendar of events’ so that it could determine what time you should be available to eat, and adjust start times and length of cooking accordingly. It could even adjust cooking times and temperatures based on changes in schedule. Additionally, a smartphone or tablet connection allows the user the ability to connect to the oven directly, to make any desired adjustments. When the dish is “available”, the oven sends an alert message to a specified end user device that the dish is done and warming.

This scenario is not long off. In fact, smart home technology is currently being developed for all rooms within a house. Smart home technology will become more of a reality as home networking and high-speed Internet technology becomes more widespread in homes. New home networking technologies are being developed daily to meet these types of growing technology needs.