This simulation activity is intended to provide a foundation for understanding the TCP and UDP in detail. Simulation mode provides the ability to view the functionality of the different protocols.

As data moves through the network, it is broken down into smaller pieces and identified in some fashion so that the pieces can be put back together. Each of these pieces is assigned a specific name (protocol data unit [PDU]) and associated with a specific layer. Packet Tracer Simulation mode enables the user to view each of the protocols and the associated PDU. The steps outlined below lead the user through the process of requesting services using various applications available on a client PC.

This activity provides an opportunity to explore the functionality of the TCP and UDP protocols, multiplexing and the function of port numbers in determining which local application requested the data or is sending the data.

Packet Tracer Simulation - TCP and UDP Communications Instructions

Packet Tracer Simulation - TCP and UDP Communications - PKA