Static Link-Local Address

Configuring the link-local address manually provides the ability to create an address that is recognizable and easier to remember.

Link-local addresses can be configured manually using the same interface command used to create IPv6 global unicast addresses but with an additional parameter:

Router(config-if)#ipv6 address link-local-address link-local

Figure 1 shows that a link-local address has a prefix within the range FE80 to FEBF. When an address begins with this hextet (16-bit segment) the link-local parameter must follow the address.

Figure 2 shows the configuration of a link-local address using the ipv6 address interface command. The link-local address FE80::1 is used to make it easily recognizable as belonging to router R1. The same IPv6 link-local address is configured on all of R1’s interfaces. FE80::1 can be configured on each link because it only has to be unique on that link.

Similar to R1, router R2 would be configured with FE80::2 as the IPv6 link-local address on all of its interfaces